Car Assistant app

Vehicle location, accident and theft warnings, battery voltage drop notifications, parental controls. All that on your phone.

The Car Assistant set consists of the DS1 device and a mobile app. The DS1 is plugged into the vehicle’s power source and the app is installed on your phone. Once you’ve installed the app, you enter the DS1 locator serial number, vehicle data and you can enjoy all the features of the Assistant.

Download for Android

Requires Android 4.0 or newer.

Download for iOS

iOS application is out of date.
We’re working on new version.

Thanks to the revolutionary technology, the Car Assistant app is always connected to the DOTSENS server and the DS1 device mounted in your car with no additional data transfer fees.

Watches, warns, reminds

Most important Assistant notifications

Possible collision warning

Excessive stress or an impact can be the sign of an accident. The system will notify you and select persons. You’ll immediately see the location of the event on a map, too.

Possible theft warning

Every time your car moves without permission, you’ll be notified of possible theft. It will be possible to track your vehicle on a map.

Warnings and technical notifications

The system notifies you of excessive voltage drops in your car battery. A parental control allows you to be notified if the car exceeds a specified speed limit.

Important date reminders

We took care to include other important notifications, such as upcoming regulatory checks or scheduled checkups. The system also keeps track of your insurance renewal.

The Assistant can keep your loved ones safer

If you choose to buy, you’ll get a DS1 location device that can be placed in your car. Once you install the Car Assistant app and enter the device’s serial number, you can enjoy the full functionality of the Assistant. From now on, your Assistant is always online.

The app will stay in touch with your device free for three years!

If you want to use the Assistant after these 3 years, you can buy a yearly subscription for 60 zł. A złoty a week is very little for the improvement to your safety and that of your loved ones.


The package contains

  • DS1 device (with homologation and European certificates)
  • Car Assistant mobile app
  • 3 years of service
  • After 3 years, an option of a subscription at 60 zł p.a.
  • Optionally, purchase a trip history feature on a website

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